In 2013, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi personally solicited Mr. Trump for a donation to her “Justice for All” re-election campaign. And Mr. Trump was happy to oblige, personally signing the $25,000 check that was sent to Ms. Bondi.

However, Mr. Trump didn’t write this particular check out of his personal account; he paid it out of the charitable Foundation. And it was subsequently brought to our attention that this sort of political contribution by a charity is totally illegal.

Our bad. You see, even though it was Ms. Bondi who had asked for a donation, we meant to send $25,000 to this one Kansas charity with a similar name, but we accidentally wrote the check to Ms. Bondi in Florida. Then we accidentally mailed that check to her address in Florida, and she accidentally cashed it. And then we slipped up and accidentally falsely reported on all our tax reporting to the I.R.S. that we gave the money to the Kansas charity.

Again, our bad.

Unfortunately, in retrospect, all those completely innocent mistakes that we repeatedly made combined to look really incriminating. And we admit, it didn’t help matters that Mr. Trump made the donation to Ms. Bondi just days after her office said they were reviewing allegations of fraud by Trump University. But again, we swear, it was nothing more than a series of completely innocent and coincidentally convenient mistakes.

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